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As you already probably know, there are many different unclaimed money and unclaimed funds websites out there. We have taken the time to list to TOP ones below. As you have already noticed, we even allow for the advertisement of other unclaimed money websites on our site. What you also may have noticed if you already have checked some of those sites, is that many of them are just clones of each other. What you may have also noticed is that virtually all of them charge you a fee for their services.

This unclaimed money subject is so popular that you are guaranteed to see it on all of the popular talk shows. The Oprah Winfrey show and the Montel Williams show always do stories each and every year and many of the other talk shows as well as the News magazine shows also do stories about unclaimed money yearly. Unclaimed money is a very , very popular subject but all unclaimed money websites, electronic books (ebooks) and services are not the same. Considering recent estimates has well over $1 TRILLION dollars now unclaimed in the United States, you can very well see why everybody wants to get a piece of the pie. Well now you can!!!

One of the most popular sites on the subject of unclaimed money is the website. But DON'T go there and use their services because they are also the most notorious for ripping people off. They have more complaints logged against them then anyone else, by far. Feel free to check with the Better Business Bureau at and see for yourself. they are listed in dozens of forums from irate customers where they share about passwords that don't work, non reliable searches and a non-existent Customer Service department. So many people ripped off and yet they still show up on those popular Talk Shows and suck in millions of dollars.

Don't Get Ripped Off!!!

No one has to get ripped off searching for unclaimed money as we have listed the most reputable unclaimed money websites below. Not only are the databases updated regularly but they are not rip-offs like so many others. We supply this information as a personal service but remember that we have the most thorough unclaimed resource with our Unclaimed Money Home Business Ebook. It has to be the MOST current and updated because it links directly to each and every holding agencies database. How up to date can you get if you are connected to the source. You get the results straight from the agency and NOT from some old who knows when the last time it has been updated databases! You also NEVER have to worry about any member names and passwords... EVER! Just click the link in the Ebook and go DIRECTLY to the FREE databases!!! Now how can you beat that?

Each one of the services below will give you unclaimed money database access but they also include other services that you may find valuable. They do not show you how to make a home income from this little known business but our Unclaimed Money Home Business Ebook will!

Net Detective Locate phone numbers, unlisted phone numbers, email addresses, long lost loves, old classmates, hidden real estate, check marriage, property, driving and adoption records, your romantic interests, employment applications, auto ownership, lawsuits, court orders, alimony, your credit report, criminal and prison records. Snoop on your boss, co-workers and neighbors. Stop thieves from stealing your identity and protect your personal credit. Does the FBI have a file on YOU? you can find it out here!

Click here for the Net Detective website.

Government Auctions gives you access to unclaimed money databases plus: State and Federal Auctions, Local Tax Sales, Unclaimed Property, Bankruptcy, Foreclosure Sales, Police Seized Property, University Surplus, Real Estate and Farm Auctions, Local Sheriff Sales, Vehicle, Boat, Aircraft, Electronics, Computers, Jewelry, Furniture & Antiques Auctions, Machinery, Business, Equipment & Industrial Assets Auctions, Auctions of Intangibles (e.g., financial instrument, patents), Auctions of Horses, Animals, Sports Memorabilia and Collectibles.. MORE!!!

Click here for the Government Auctions website.

Federal Grant Source gives access to unclaimed money databases plus: Grant Directories for Government, Foundation, Foreclosures, Government Auctions, 6,000 Free eBooks and MORE.

Click here for the Federal Grant Source website.

Non-Electronic Books About Unclaimed Money