Frequently Asked Questions


1: What Is Unclaimed Funds?

2: How long does it take before property is considered "unclaimed"?

3: How much money are we talking about?

4: If someone owes me money, how come I didn't know?

5: What about accounts that are old like 50 or 60 years old?

6: Who may claim unclaimed property and unclaimed money?

7: How do I claim my property?

8: How long does it take?

9: Where is this money located that you have listed on your site?

10: What difference is it between the "Refund Resource Manual" Ebook and the "Unclaimed Money Home Business" Ebook?


1: It's your money! Six out of every ten Americans are owed a share of a $1 trillion jackpot consisting of uncashed checks and non-refunded deposits, forgotten bank accounts and safe deposit boxes, abandoned stocks and bonds, unpaid insurance and retirement benefits, and a host of other financial assets. These items became abandoned in the eyes of the law after the original owners or rightful heirs failed to "communicate an interest" in them. Failure to communicate an interest can be as simple as not making a deposit or withdrawal to an account over a period of time, failing to apply for a benefit, insurance policy payout, credit or refund due, holding any uncashed check, money order, or gift certificate, even having a statement or other correspondence returned by the post office as "undeliverable."

2: Some property is deemed unclaimed in as little as 2 years while others can take 5 to 7 years. And things like Travelers checks are considered to be unclaimed after 15 years in most states.

3: New York agencies are holding $4.2 billion in over fifteen million separate accounts. Add another $2.6 billion from California agencies (with one million new accounts last year alone), and consider that together Florida agencies, Massachusetts agencies and Texas agencies contribute $2 billion more ... well pretty soon it starts to add up to real money! But this isn't just a "big state" phenomenon. It's happening everywhere! Minnesota agencies are holding 150,000 accounts. Oklahoma's agencies list of lost owners consumes 8,268 pages, a stack of paper 2 1/2 feet high! Even tiny Rhode Island agencies took in $10 million and added 6,000 names to its rolls in 1995 alone! And many of these accounts are worth big money. Last year Arizona agencies had claims of $254,301 and $165,755. A Louisiana citizen received a check for $1,026,738.49; but the Texas resident who recently collected $4,251,987 was luckiest of all! A conservative estimate is $1 trillion waiting to be reclaimed by eighty million owners. The total is growing by more than $7 million per day - over $2.5 billion per year - thanks to recent changes in the law.

4: Think it couldn't possibly be you? Think Again! You may have simply forgotten about an old bank account, unredeemed savings bond, uncashed check, unreturned deposit or unused benefit. Perhaps records were lost due to theft, fire or flood. Maybe you never even knew you were named an heir or beneficiary in a relative or friend's will or life insurance policy! If you've moved, changed your name after a marriage or divorce, or taken a new job, it may be difficult to locate you. And sometimes being declared "missing" can be the result of something as common as a computer or clerical error, or the expiration of a forwarding order from the post office. The agencies holding abandoned funds are required by law to make a "good faith effort" to find owners, but often that consists of sending a single letter to the last known address or publishing a notice buried in the legal section of the paper.

5: To date the only holding agency that we have seen items posted, dated prior to 1960 is in the state of Kansas. Most holding agencies discontinue posting items that are in their custody over 20 years. They can still be found. If you know how and where to look. While many agencies are helpful in locating such funds, others seemingly have a "don't offer, don't volunteer" policy. Ask! We do and it sometimes yields many new items that might otherwise go unclaimed. Most agencies hold these assets "in perpetuity" or "forever". We also are aware of two holding agencies that will absorb these funds in as little as 10 years. The records to those funds are then purged. Making any future claims impossible.

6: The owner, heir. or the executor/executrix of the estate if the owner is deceased. Remember that many of our older relatives never had this opportunity and many of them have unclaimed money that they don't know about either.

7: The key is knowing where and how to search! Don't be mislead - agencies holding money have a strong incentive not to contact rightful owners and heirs especially in this time of recession! Recovery of unclaimed and abandoned assets is easy. Finding them is the trick! Remember, claims processing is easy……if you know where the money is at and what documents are needed.

8: Some agencies will have the check issued in about 4 weeks while some take longer. The sooner that you begin the recovery process, the sooner you will get the check in the mail.

9: Like we said, the key is knowing where to look. If you see an account that is listed and you want to know where it is located and how to claim it then you purchase the "Refund Resource Manual" Ebook and it will show you exactly where and how to claim it... FAST!

10: The "Refund Resource Manual" will only show you how to claim accounts that are listed throughout our website. The NEW "Unclaimed Money Home Business" Ebook will tell you where these funds are located too but will also give you access to over 75 more FREE databases that you can search at your leisure and will show you how you can make a nice income at home helping people to claim their unclaimed money.